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Day 10 – 17 February – Bendigo to Benalla – The Silo Trail

In all our travels, I will always research places that have either silo, water tower, street art or murals. This trip was no exception. Today, was spent finding, gazing, photographing and being in awe of the talented artists who cover such vast areas with amazing artworks.

I am not going to explain each site, rather just let you check out the photos I took. It was an amazing day. My goal is to eventually check out as many as possible. I started a checklist. For thos of you who know me well enough, you will understand that!





Saint James



After a long drive and a day of intense brain immersion in creativity, we reached Benalla, where we stayed in a well-appointed Air BnB that was a converted suburban double garage!

We had a drive/wander down the main CBD, enjoyed a late afternoon tea and found a few of the street murals before collapsing in a tired heap at our accommodation.

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