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Two days in Melbourne – 13 – 14 Feb

Leaving Saint Leonards fairly early, we drove straight through peak hour Melbourne. It was a fairly smooth trip, a little slow through the Westgate area, but that was because of roadworks.

First stop was to visit a half-second cousin, Rosalie. We share a common interest in family history, so we spent an hour and a half together sharing what we have on the Atkinson clan! Not nearly enough time!

In the afternoon, we met up at my cousin Mary’s home, with three more cousins, plus four spouses. I was the youngest cousin there, at 72, with Mary who will be 80 this year (and married 60 years) with her husband Graeme, Phil and Doug, who will both be 83, with their wives Ros and Meredith, and Margaret who is a fairly sprightly 87 year old. It was a wonderful afternoon of sharing and reminiscing.

We stayed overnight right in the city. We spent the next morning and part of the afternoon, cruising around the Melbourne laneways and then at Victoria Markets. Well, I cruised on my scooter, and Peter kept up! He is actually enjoying the scooter nearly as much as I am because he can walk at his normal pace without shortening his stride.

The laneways are not as lively as they were pre-covid, but my two favourites didn’t disappoint – The Block and Royal Arcade. We found a beautiful cafe, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, for morning tea – pavlova and lemon meringue pie with two organic teas. It was most delightful.

We left Melbourne and travelled 50 minutes north to Gisborne, where we spent the night with my friend Jill ( friends for 67 years) and her husband Neil. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding 49 years ago! Again, it was a fantastic evening of reminiscing and catchup. Peter and Neil found a mutual interest in timber as well.

Five Atkinson cousins – l to r – Margaret, Christine, Phil, Mary and Doug
Spouses included – Meredith, Graeme and Ros
And this time with Peter!
Hopetoun Tea Rooms
Window display
Peter’s mouth-watering lemon meringue pie

Some interesting bit and pieces around the city

Ha ha!
Jill and me

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