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We’re in Victoria now!

We woke to a thick pea-souper over Bass Strait this morning. As we left Lakes Entrance, we stopped at a lookout to see the entrance, but to no avail – the fog won!

We insist on waking and starting out early. Of course, that means we arrive at our first destination before everything opens! This means, of course, we have to find a nice Cafe for breakfast. The pretty town of Sale provided us with a great Cafe today. My mushroom dish was delicious!

After breakfast, we found the local Art Gallery. I have been looking forward to this visit for a long time. For at least 12 years, if not more, I have been an avid fan of Annemieke Mein, a textile artist extraordinaire! She actually lives in Sale and has a permanent, albeit small, exhibition space in the gallery. I was overwhelmed to say the least.

Not much further, and we reached Yarram, a mural town. Unlike other mural towns, there is only one artist for all 24 installations. His name is Heesco. I loved his faces. Again, the scooter was so handy. I could cover so much ground so easily.

Now heading northwards towards Melbourne, we detoured through a couple of towns then, by accident, stumbled across a Holden Museum in Trafalgar. We had a guided tour round the whole facility. There were some amazing examples of Holden’s, to be sure. Plus, there was a whole part of the Museum dedicated to Brock! We both thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the whole place.

Another couple of hours, and we reached our destination for the night. We have had a wonderful evening with great food, the best wine and wonderful conversation with Sass – Red Banksia. We have also picked up our new piece as well.

Annemieke Mein -Prawn
Annemieke Mein
Annemieke Mein
Yarram murals 01
Yarram murals

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