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On the Road Again

Day 01 and 02 – Wednesday/Thursday – 8/9 February 2023

We left home before 7.30am, yesterday, having packed everything except the necessary last-minute stuff! Uneventful drive to Sydney. We went right into the city to meet up with Adrian (Peter’s son). His work address has moved to an address right on Hyde Park. Vistas include all the way up William Street and a panorama view.from the Sydney Tower to the Harbour Heads. Tried out my scooter in Sydney pedestrian traffic as we went down to Centrepoint for Yum Cha!

After we left Adrian, we called in on James (my son)at his workplace/business – Boxbar! From there out to Voyager Point and a wonderful evening with Adrian, Emilia, Ilaria and Lucia, celebrating Emilia’s birthday as part of the evening. I have at long last finished her bed scarf. I think she liked it!

Today, another early start! We drove to Bowral, where we met up with great friends, Tracey and Jess. Tracey is also our talented graphic designer. Her son Jess is brilliant at so many things! We had a lovely time over breakfast and later at their newly-renovated home.

From there, Peter had an enjoyable drive down through Kangaroo Valley (past where friends Maree and Wayne have a weekender – we’ll get there one day!) over Hampden Bridge, down to Nowra, then further south through the beautiful undulating countryside. Words like lush and verdant spring to mind. A visit with Graham and Robyn was flu-cancelled, unfortunately.

An interlude in Mogo was delightful. It is such a pretty little town. A little bit of retail therapy and afternoon tea were easily achieved on my wheels. Just a short drive and we have arrived in our overnight accommodation.

The view from Adrian’s new offices
Emilia enjoying her new bed scarf
Hampden Bridge
View driving down from Kangaroo Valley

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