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Home after eight weeks sound good to me! – 13 June

And here is the conclusion!

Eight weeks away from home is the longest time we have been absent from the business and our home since we moved in fifteen years ago. Our ‘flying trip around Australia by car’ has been a great adventure and we have had some amazing adventures, seen plenty of awe-inspiring sights and wonders, met some interesting and friendly people along the way and slept in some interesting places and beds. Overall, it has been a wonderful time. Spending time with family for part of it was a real bonus – with Caitlin, Matthew and Link on Cocos Islands, then with Tim and Moira travelling up the West Coast and into Northern Territory. These times are precious and ones we will both remember. Visiting Aunt Ena in Adelaide and her family was also a bonus. Catching up with a few other friends along the way was fun as well.

We set out quite early this morning and travelled southward towards home. We took a lovely coffee break in Coffs Harbour with my niece Alison, her husband, Andrew and daughter, Hermione. We missed seeing Daria, but another time.

After a short detour to get a phone protective screen repair, we continued south, catching a break and something to eat at Kempsey then heading for home. The sight of the Port Macquarie sign made us feel as though we were almost there.

It was a great feeling to turn into our driveway and park outside our front door. Emptying the car and unpacking is always a drag, but it is mostly done.

Thank you to those of you who have followed along on our journey. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing and composing it. Of course, I have to finish off with a sunset, albeit a reflected one from our front verandah. Just as a bonus it includes a nearly full moon!

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