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Across the Range – Saturday 11 June

Up early, not sure whether that will last when we get home. We drove down to Coolum Waters (this area is filling up with HiRISE buildings just like the Gold Coast – a pity) and had coffee, before driving inland to the Industrial Estate where we met the current owners of Windsong Wind Chimes. They have a great setup in their Industrial Unit. We spent a lovely half hour or so with them.

Continuing inland, we made our way to Eumundi to go to the markets. It has changed quite dramatically since we were there several years ago. Most of it is not handmade or locally crafted. There were a few interesting stalls and food, but an hour was well and truly enough for us there.

When we came back out onto the street, we discovered (or was it rediscovered!!??) Berkelouw’s Book shop. Several books later we escaped!

Our next stop was Maleny where we visited a couple of galleries. Peter had a good time in a wood gallery and was reminded about one of our original artisans, John Tudehope.

The day was mainly about traversing the Great Dividing Range from the coast to Toowoomba via the Glasshouse Mountains. We took a road that travelled along the very top of the ridge for quite some time and we were able to see both the ocean side and the interior side. The views were magnificent, especially as the day was perfectly clear, with bright blue skies.

Looking back towards the coast – one side of the ridge
Looking inland – the other side of the ridge at the same point
More of the Glasshouse Mountain Peaks

A little interruption to the trip was spotting this sign. Of course, I had to take a photo!

There was an icy breeze, however, and we were both freezing cold. Unfortunately, we haven’t brought winter clothing with us, but we’ll be home in two days so we have been able to manage.

Once we arrived at our motel in East Toowoomba, perched right on the edge of the range, we drove around to a lookout and took photos looking back at where we had driven.

As well from there, I took some photos showing where we had driven up the side of the ridge into Toowoomba, where we are staying perched on the edge and a gentle sunset through the trees.

Some dinner in town finished off our day!

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