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Old Friends, celebrations and a spectacular ending – Friday 10 June

Today started out quite chilly. We left our accommodation at Agnes Water by 8 am and drove down the coast road as far as Gin Gin. There we had a great hour and a half with Deirdre, a great friend of many years. It was lovely to catch up with her and all her news and mine. The time flew and we needed to keep going onwards to the Sunshine Coast as Peter was meeting one of his retailers there.

We completed that task and then had a wander around the area. It is lovely and crowded, even at this time of the year, but not really our style.

While Peter was visiting his client, I Facetimed with Bronwyn, my friend from childhood. We have known each other for about 66 years, I’m guessing. So, you may ask, why did I Facetime with her today and why is it important enough to write about here. Today is a special day for the two of us. As you know, I have continually said that this Round Australia Trip is a trip of a lifetime for Peter and me. However, I have also had one other trip of a lifetime that was an around-the-world trip. I completed that trip with Bronwyn. There are several parallels between these two trips. The biggest connection is that the trip with Bronwyn began on this day 50 years ago., and as of today, we have been away from home for fifty days!

The first trip’s planning began just after my 21st birthday and the current trip just after my 71st birthday. It is mind-boggling to think it is that long ago and, as I said to Bronwyn, it certainly emphasises what we have both done in the intervening years.

After we booked into our Air BnB we went to the Noosaville Yacht Club for dinner. We both had a Roast Duck, Mushroom and Truffle Risotto which was very delicious and also witnessed another spectacular sunset over the water.

Stages of a Sunset

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