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Queensland’s Outback Classics – Monday 6 June

We began our day in Mount Isa and drove up to a lookout above the town. It provided us with a widespread view of this renowned city for copper mining. As well as the views, I was also able to capture the detailed paintings on the water tower as well, completed in 2019 by a local group called RC Collective.

As we drove out into the countryside, it amazed us once again how different the landscape in Australia can be. From the red mountains and hills, we descended onto a flat plain, with very few features for kilometres. Then just as suddenly, there are rocky outcrops of amazing shapes and colours.

We passed through several small towns. Cloncurry was a neat little village. McKinlay is famous for one particular pub, called the Walkabout Creek Hotel, which has the head office of Never Never Safari Tours within. Of course, it is the actual movie set of the original Crocodile Dundee, gifted to the pub by John Cornell. It was a fascinating experience. The flaming bougainvillea outside the door was pretty spectacular too.

We arrived in Winton in the late afternoon and took a stroll down the quaint shopping precinct. Boulder Opals are beautiful but had to be window shopping only. There were also a couple of typical country stores that were worth visiting. Dinner in one of the pubs was tasty and the service was efficient and friendly. The sun set as we walked back to our motel, a well-presented unit. The owners hale from the Manning Valley and Great Lakes area.

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