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Lucifer’s Ball Park and Long-Distance Driving – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June

From Daly Waters, we continued our trek southwards through the Northern Territory. When we made our first roadhouse stop, we met a beautiful goose and then discovered an unusual piece of wall art that was a vinyl skin on a building in Tennant Creek where we had lunch.

We reached our destination, Devils Marbles Pub at Wauchope (in the Northern Territory it is pronounced ‘Walk-Up’). The front of the pub has been decorated by artist Pam Armstrong.

After we had settled in , we drove back the nine km to the Karlwekkarlwe or Karlu Karlu National Park which is home to the Devils Marbles.

We met up with Tim and Moira and wandered around one of the main viewing areas taking numerous photos before, during and after the sunset. It was magical. The incredible forces of nature and the majesty of the results are breathtaking. I will let the photos speak for us.

This is where Tim and Moira parted ways with us. After travelling all the way from their home in Erskine to Devils Marbles, they are travelling south then west back home. We travelled back northwards the next morning. . It was sad to leave them as our journey together has been so memorable.

As we left the next morning, the sun was beginning to rise, and we drove back through the Devils Marbles. We then continued northwards to Tennant Creek. On the way, we needed to stop several times to capture a beautiful sunrise. We stopped at Three Ways, just north of Tennant Creek, for breakfast. We headed eastwards across the fringes of the Simpson Desert towards the border of Queensland.

We crossed over into Queensland and stopped at Camoweal before driving on to Mount Isa. This was our longest day on the road – 812km. We were glad to stop and we were glad to have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

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