The map

One Short Day – One Big Dream Fulfilled – Tuesday 31 May

I could write endless acclamations about our journeys from this day but the photos are the explanation.

Seaplane – takeoff and map of the route in red

In order, a 6am pickup from our motel, we took a seaplane out over the Ord River Irrigation Area.

We crossed Lake Argyle, and out over the Osmond Ranges.

We then flew over the Purnululu Range which is known as the Bungle Bungles. How awe-inspiring and fascinating are they!

The return flight was via Turkey Creek and the Argyle Diamond Mine, with other amazing mountain ranges.

We landed back on Lake Argyle for morning tea, on Mary Durack Island.

Returning to Kununurra, we flew via the top of the Ord River dam. Three and a half hours later, we were back on the ground.

Even my brother Tim organised to be at the river to take a video and photo of our landing, which was a bonus.

After coffee with Tim and Moira at a local coffee shop, we were picked up once again from The Kimberley Croc Triple J Tours in a coach. The coach took us up through the countryside.

Our first stop was the Durack Homestead – Argyle Station – which has been rebuilt as it was originally where Lake Argyle now is. We saw it from the air during the morning. Not going to bore you with history but, if you’re interested, it is quite fascinating.

We then travelled up through the Resort, originally the employees’ village, and down to the base of the dam where we joined a cruise boat. From the bottom of the dam, the Ord River flows down and becomes Lake Kununurra. We floated, jet-boated, and drifted, all the way back down to Kununurra.

On the way, we saw a plethora of wildlife.

Included in the wildlife we spotted, due, in most part, to the keen eye of our captain and guide, we sighted several fresh-water crocodiles which was very exciting, while we were on the boat and they were in the water!

After 50km, we landed just after sunset, which, unfortunately, was hindered by cloud cover!

This was our day!

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