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Indigenous Art & Quirky Australiana – Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June

We spent Thursday just being around Katherine. It was pleasant to just stop for a day. We were camping in another Glamping tent and, this time, Tim and Moira were camped right beside us, which was lovely. We used the laundry then we did a little supermarket shopping ready for a dinner BBQ with Tim and Moira and had brunch with them at the same time.

After that, we decided to visit one of the Indigenous Cultural and Art Centres. The artwork was beautiful and if my bank account had allowed it, I would have brought home an amazing piece by an artist named Belinda Golder Kngwarreye.

However, we did find an interesting piece with a real story by a beautiful old Aboriginal guy named Manuel Pamkal. Peter picked up his work and was reading the story he had written on the back when he actually walked up to us and introduced himself. He was a great guy and we chatted with him about his work and about us for quite some time. Needless to say, we bought his piece to add to our collection at home.

Surrounded by his artwork

Before our BBQ that evening, we all spent a long time in the beautiful refreshing pool at the campsite.

The next morning, as we were leaving Katherine, we discovered the Railway Terrace Street Murals. Most of them are of local indigenous characters, who have made a difference in their community. Most have been painted by a young artist named Jessi Bell – obviously very talented.

Our drive today was a little more relaxed as far as distance and time. Peter was able to relax and he achieved a first for himself in his entire driving experience. The cruise control was set below 120kmph in a 130km zone!

Our first stop of the day was at Mataranka Warm Springs. We all drifted down the river for about an hour and emerged very refreshed and relaxed.

When we went into the village of Mataranka for a coffee we also saw the biggest fake Termite Mound! Amazingly realistic!

Our overnight stay was at an iconic and quintessential Aussie pub at Daly Waters. It is actually a huge complex with a variety of accommodation from pub rooms, motel units, unpowered and powered camping sites and even street parking for anyone who can’t fit in, including a couple of Road Trains!

As well as the pub, there is also a museum of sorts called Tim’s Junkyard. It is full of a huge range of historic paraphernalia and junk, and totally fascinating. Tim, Peter and I spent quite a while inspecting all kinds of stuff both vintage and antique.

All of us then spent a very lazy hour in the wonderful pool. After a hot, dusty day, it was very welcome.

With another long day on the road, we retired early.

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