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A Breath of Fresh Air – Saturday 28 May

We woke early so set out just on daybreak to travel to Broome. Again, the landscape stretched out in front of us and all around us, flat and desolate except for scrubby bushes and grasses, right to the horizon.

Broome is a place I have always wanted to visit, and it did not disappoint.

We were there in time for good coffee and brunch and the café we found on the edge of Chinatown did not disappoint. It was called ‘The Green Mango Café’ and it was directly opposite a small gallery simply called ‘Broome Gallery’ that has some very interesting artwork and artisan craft. The artist-in-residence is a man called James Down and he captures the Kimberley landscape accurately but in a quirky and whimsical style. I would have loved to be able to afford one of his originals but settled for some prints that I will frame. He was working and I had the opportunity to chat with him.

We lashed out on accommodation for our one-night stay, which was at the Billi Resort, again glamping, and this time it really was. It was in a beautiful tropical garden, with a full-size bath in the bathroom and a beautiful fully equipped kitchen including a Nespresso!

Peter and I had a relaxed afternoon which included a visit to the Moontide Distillery for a tasting. We came away with a taster pack of three of their signature spirits.

While we were there, Tim and Moira went down to Cable Beach for coffee and managed to get some photos of the famous camel ride on the beach. We decided a camel ride, wherever it may have been, even on famous Cable Beach was not worth the price they wanted for it! So Tim and Moria’s photos will have to do!

We were supposed to meet Tim and Moira at the Broome Fishing Club for dinner. It is right on the most southernmost point of Broome, above the port. However, much to their chagrin, they had to tell us that they had no fish left – sounds something like a ‘Pub with no beer” to me. We had already driven out to meet them there so we continued down onto the beach and walked right to the water’s edge where we had a splendid half hour photographing rock formations and then the setting sun across the ocean looking westward.

Broome was a breath of fresh air! It was wonderful to take a breather by the ocean and enjoy a few idyllic and relaxing moments catching up with ourselves.

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