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The highlight of our Cocos stay – other than spending time with the family! Sunday 15 May

The last three days on Cocos were jam-packed with activities and the weather was very kind to us for the majority of the time as well. Sunday morning, Caitlin, Link, Peter, and I had breakfast at Saltmakers.

After breakfast, Peter went along to take some shots of the Golf Course as it was being used – yes it is actually on either side of the airstrip!

Cocos Golf Club

The afternoon was the highlight of our time as far as ‘playing tourist’! Caitlin had organised a trip with Cocos Island Adventure Tours in their motorised canoes. The biggest question on everyone’s mind was “Will Christine be able to get into the canoe?” The answer, much to my delight was an emphatic “Yes!”

Setting Out

We set sail with Kylie and Ash (the owners) from the southern end of West Island and visited three small islands Pulu Maraya, Pulu Blan, Pulu Blan Madar and Canoe Beach on South Island. The weather was beautiful, the seas were calm with just a gentle ripple, and the waters were so clear you could see to the bottom. Just to be out on the water and to be able to explore these smaller islands was incredible.

Aerial View of islands visited

We landed on each of the islands where some went snorkelling and others explored the islands themselves. Lots of lovely nibbles were provided with beer and bubbles! At one point as we crossed between two of the islands, a huge turtle swam right under our canoe – very exciting!

Visiting islands

On one island, the Christmas Island Blue Tailed Skink Lizard can be seen and found. It was believed to be extinct by 2010, so a breeding program was established on Cocos and it was successful! We took assisted by taking part in a count of the population.

Blue-tailed skink – photo courtesy of ABC

Ash also showed us an ancient frangipani tree, how to split coconuts and the difference between fresh coconut meat and one that has started sprouting – very different in texture and taste.

On the beach, on South Island, we also saw the third type of hermit crab – the tawny hermit crab (Coenobita rugosus).

Thank you to Caitlin and Matthew and to Kylie and Ash, it was altogether a truly amazing day, completed with a sail home into a splendid Cocos sunset, balanced by a full moon in the opposite sky – couldn’t have been any better.

The family
Caitlin and Kylie
Sailing home into the sunset
Angels in the Sky
And a Full Moon as well

As we were going to be ‘on the water’ for the whole afternoon, we didn’t take cameras and ‘phones, so my thanks goes to Kylie who has allowed me to use the photos she took on the day.

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