The map

Cocos continued – 9 – 11 May

I am including a map of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands here, just to give some perspective on where we go.

The weather has not improved a lot, so Monday was another quiet day. We went out to the local restaurant, Saltmakers by the Sea, for dinner and had a lovely meal together right on the ocean. The restaurant is completely under shade cloth outside, so we were cooled off with a couple of squally showers! The dinner view made getting a little wet worthwhile.

Dinner View – not bad, despite the weather!

On Tuesday, Caitlin worked with one of the accommodation companies doing turnovers, then we all went to the Club for pizza, and Caitlin and Matthew went to a short memorial service for the woman who died, before her coffin was loaded on the plane for Perth. It was a sad occasion.

Peter and I celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary very quietly.

At long last, Wednesday morning dawned sunny. In the afternoon, we checked out a couple of beaches, and also, on the way, we discovered a grove of original endemic trees, of which there are very few still in existence.

Endemic Cocos Island Trees

We went swimming for the first time at South Park, which was great. Peter tried to fly his drone. It went really well until he hit the invisible barrier of the no-fly zone for the airport. The drone descended!

Our first swim

In the evening, we went to the club – farewell for a longtime resident – a lovely teacher who is transferring to Southwestern WA. Some of her friends say that she will come back to Cocos because everyone does! It was a lovely friendly gathering as usual.

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