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Chillin’ Out on Cocos – 4 – 7 May

Life is slow on Cocos. It takes several days to even start to slow down. Peter has found plenty of time to read novels and has also learnt how to chill out quite effectively!

Eating fresh coconut

I’ve had plenty of time to catch up on this blog, and also progress through several rounds on a couple of games on my mobile and my Switch, as well as Wordle, Quordle, and Nerdle, of course.

Fortunately for us, our suitcase has arrived, and we can relax with a few more articles of clothing to wear – not that it was a real problem due to the generosity of Caitlin and Matthew in sharing!

But the most important reason for our trip over here was to spend time with Caitlin, Matthew, and Lincoln (or Link as he is usually known). It has been wonderful to just chill out with the three of them. Lincoln is an amazing little fellow. He runs at life and leaves a tornado of wreckage in his wake. He is very loving as well and loves to snuggle with Nanna and Nonno. He has a gorgeous giggle and loves to play games with Matthew and Caitlin. He is a great eater – willing to try just about anything and always wants more! He sleeps really well too, with at least a 2-hour sleep during the day and most nights he sleeps 12. He is such a joy to them and now to us. Here he is trying out Nonno’s shoes!

We haven’t been out and about much yet as the weather has not been conducive to sightseeing, although Caitlin gave Peter a ‘cook’s tour’ on the first morning, so he had an idea of the layout of West Island overall. It is still amazingly beautiful, however. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing the sound of the crashing waves, and the tropical lushness permeates all your being.  As I write this, my view is of palm trees and rolling ocean waves – it couldn’t get much better.

The wildlife is pretty interesting too, especially the small beach species/ As of before when I was here, I am fascinated by the hermit crabs. They come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of shells – from quite large ones down to minute babies, who are not even red yet. As well, Peter discovered a Ghost crab building its burrow the other morning.

We’ve been to The Club for some socialisation and food as well. As the weather improves over the next few days we will hopefully get to see more of this glorious small part of the world.

On Friday night, Caitlin and I went to a Ladies’ Night, which was great fun. There was a lovely group of local women who greeted me warmly and openly. I spent several hours chatting with several different women, some of whom were schoolies and we had some lively discussion about the triumphs and woes of working in education nowadays. Caitlin and I also sat with this lovely lady and during the conversation we discovered that she knew the Grace Bussell story about the shipwreck off Busselton.

Apparently, I stepped over the line a little (can’t believe I’d do that) when a group photo was being taken – but that’s not a story for publication here! By the way, it had nothing to do with the three glasses of bubbles I drank (although Caitlin seems to think it was more than that!)

Afterwards, Peter and I babysat while Matthew and Caitlin went to a Karaoke Night at The Club.

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