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And thus, to Perth  and on to Cocos – 1 – 3 May

Well, actually Erskine where my brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Moira live in a beautiful unit that overlooks the water at Mandurah Quay. So, after 10 days on the road and having driven approximately 5,000kms so far, it was time for us to stop. The next two days were spent reorganising luggage, collecting supplies for Caitlin, falling over outside the Woolies Supermarket, and, probably the most important part was celebrating Moira’s birthday. Some of the family joined us at Tim and Moira’s beautiful unit on Sunday and then on Monday the four of us had a lovely lunch together.

Early Tuesday 3 May, we drove ourselves to the Perth International Airport, via picking up a part for Matthew’s Jet Ski (very important!). Everything went smoothly checking in, although we were warned that, as it was a very full flight, not all luggage may be uploaded. We had a Styrofoam esky full of foodstuffs that are not available on Cocos, Lincoln’s car seat (as he has grown out of his first one already), and our suitcase. The suitcase didn’t make it, although, hopefully, it will arrive on the next flight. Just as well Caitlin and Matthew had clothes that fitted us well enough!

Great greetings, hugs and tears, and more hugs! It is so good to be here with Matthew, Caitlin, and, of course, Lincoln. Just chilling and enjoying each other’s company at the moment, although there is plenty to do, visit, eat and enjoy while we are here. I am just afraid that two weeks will fly by all too quickly.

Matthew, Caitlin, and Lincoln’s home on West Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

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