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Across the Plain

After big cuddles with our granddaughters (and their daddy and mummy!), we started out at just after 7.30am heading south and then west to the beautiful little town of Hay. We have driven the road from Sydney to Tarcutta on several occasions, so the only stop was for some brunch at a cute little eatery called Café Dolcetto at Yass.

We continued on through Wagga Wagga and from there headed out across the Hay Plain. It was considerably greener than when we drove across it on our way home from Broken Hill – still not verdantly green, but certainly able to support rice and cotton crops

Our destination after nearly 700kms driving is the small historic town of Hay. It is an interesting town from the perspective of service in world conflicts. There are several elaborate memorials to various conflicts. As well, the township is dotted with many small brick and weatherboard period cottages dating back to the early twentieth century at least.

The public buildings are very interesting and ornate, including the courthouse, public buildings and a beautiful Anglican church. Probably the best example is the railway station that has been completely restored and now houses a museum remembering servicemen of WW2 who were POWs.

The first example of Silo/water tower art was special as well, again featuring servicemen and women who are connected to the town.

Accommodation is a quaint little corrugated iron cottage – well-presented with everything we require, except perhaps Wifi!

The Hay Plain
The Hay Historic Railway Station
Hay Water Towers
Station Master’s House and Twisted Peppercorn Tree Trunk
Black Sheep Cottage

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