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Quite early on in the planning for our trip, we decided that we should have a mini-break in Sydney before we started out on our longer journey. It has served two purposes – one was to visit with our family – sons James and Adrian and their spouses Brad (unfortunately missed him this time!) and Emilia and also our two beautiful granddaughters Ilaria and Lucia; and, I suppose I can’t miss Rupert, our granddog King Charles Cavalier and last but not least, Sammy the beautiful Persian tortoiseshell cat!

I had a wonderful time with the girls at their swimming lessons yesterday afternoon – their skills in the pool are progressing in leaps and bounds, although, I suppose it is in ducking and diving! They both love the water and are very confident which is great when there is a swimming pool in the backyard.

Peter and I did some last-minute shopping for essential clothing and we are ready to get out on the road early tomorrow morning – quite a long trip to Hay!

Ilaria concentrating
Lucia loves swimming lessons

2 responses to “Segue”

  1. Gorgeous photos. Keep us posted xx

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  2. Gorgeous photos. Keep us posted xx


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