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Up early to another amazing Sunrise at Artisans on the hill. Last-minute organisation and list-checking done, last-minute business organisation complete, packing the car – Peter is so good at Tetris – then off on the road southwards.

Just for fun, I improvised a travel commentary to start our journey. Because we have driven the trip from home on the Mid Coast of New South Wales to Sydney many times, I think we sometimes ignore the scenery and the sights through sheer repetition. Because I started talking about it, I found I noticed it much more.  However, a large proportion of the travelling time was through corridors of typical warm temperate bushland. Because of upgrades to our highways, we no longer meander through all the small towns. It saves time but sometimes it would be lovely to drive in and through them.

Because Covid restrictions are easing and also because it is school holidays, the traffic was fairly busy but free-flowing and we arrived in Sydney at our son and daughter-in-law’s home in good time. We were greeted enthusiastically by our two beautiful granddaughters.

Sunrise AOTH – 21 April 2022 – “Beam me up Scotty – up and away!”
Highway Driving through typical Temperate Australian Bushland

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