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So the packing is almost done. The planning that I’ve done over the last few months seems to be working. Last-minute things that have to happen tomorrow before we leave, are all that need to happen now. Do I feel as though I am ready to go? Will I sleep soundly tonight on the knowledge that we will have everything with us that we need? Hmmm!

It’s not as though we are going to Antarctica or the Sahara. There will be places along the way where we can get anything we may have forgotten. But I’d like to think I have covered all contingencies!

Covering three climate zones at least, packing appropriate clothing for each, especially appropriate gear for particular events, tours, etc; the inclusion of a range of GF foods, because that is something that won’t be available in all areas we visit; covering the daughter’s shopping list of stuff she wants that is not available on Cocos; including the “what if this happens” stuff; and then, of course, there are the “keeping us healthy while we travel” necessities.

I really must stop procrastinating and go collect together that last stuff, so that when I get in the car tomorrow and set off to Sydney, I can give a huge sigh of relief because we are ready to GO!

What we are leaving behind for 8 weeks – our new electric gate!

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