The map

The Planning

So, Christine (that’s me), true to form, has spent the last three months planning our trip. We are driving around Australia in our AWD Tucson. We are not towing a caravan! The first leg of our journey is from home (Artisans on the hill, Mondrook, NSW) to Perth. This leg is just the two of us! Once we arrive on the West Coast, we will leave our car with my brother and sister-in-law – Tim and Moira – and fly to Cocos Islands to spend two weeks with our daughter, Caitlin, son-in-law, Matthew and our gorgeous grandson, Lincoln, or Link as he is usually known. Returning to WA, we will have a few days of repacking and then we will start out on our return journey. Tim and Moira will be joining us for about half this journey. Peter and I are really looking forward to this time together.

Home after eight weeks sound good to me! – 13 June

And here is the conclusion! Eight weeks away from home is the longest time we have been absent from the business and our home since we moved in fifteen years ago. Our ‘flying trip around Australia by car’ has been a great adventure and we have had some amazing adventures, seen plenty of awe-inspiring sights…

Landscapes and Manmade features – Sunday 12 June

First thing this morning, in Toowoomba, Peter and I met up with two of my Family History associates/friends – Jacqui Brock and Linda Ely. We had a delightful hour or so, chatting, reminiscing, solving the problems of the world, and sharing a beautiful breakfast together. It was not nearly enough time together and Jacqui and…

Across the Range – Saturday 11 June

Up early, not sure whether that will last when we get home. We drove down to Coolum Waters (this area is filling up with HiRISE buildings just like the Gold Coast – a pity) and had coffee, before driving inland to the Industrial Estate where we met the current owners of Windsong Wind Chimes. They…

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