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Route and Things to do

We are going to be away for 54 days, so accommodation bookings have been important. As everyone is ‘on the move’ again, accommodation is booking up quickly. Booking engines and internet searches have been used regularly and I have now managed to book all the nights necessary to get us there and back again. As usual (because that’s the way I like to be!) our accommodation is a mixture – from onsite vans to resorts, from local pubs and motels to a couple of nights glamping, all the while trying to stay within our budget. My Excel file is looking good and I am feeling satisified. I love planning. It is a large part of the whole trip for me, whereas Peter just likes to go along for the ride and enjoy the surprises of each day as it eventuates. The map indicates our planned route.

One response to “Route and Things to do”

  1. That is so very you Chris. I’m sure it will be an amazing trip.


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