Our Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip around Australia

The Map of our Road and Air Journeys

Getting out and about on Cocos – 12 – 14 May

12 May – another quiet day in and around home on Cocos. We were going to go to Direction Island but the weather once more closed in around us. We were mostly at home enjoying each other’s company and chilling.   Caitlin had an amazing time blowing bubbles for Link. He, like many other children, […]

Cocos continued – 9 – 11 May

I am including a map of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands here, just to give some perspective on where we go. The weather has not improved a lot, so Monday was another quiet day. We went out to the local restaurant, Saltmakers by the Sea, for dinner and had a lovely meal together right on the […]

Mother’s Day and a Catastrophe – 8 May

Let me preface this entry by saying it is a sombre one, with no images attached deliberately and just for you to read without comment, please. It was a tough few days for the family and the West Island family as well. Spending Mother’s Day here with Caitlin and her family was lovely. Matthew cooked […]